Sunday, February 5, 2012

What fitness center would you recommend?

As far as the rates and facilities being good, which gym/fitness center do you recommend. I was thinking about joining LA Fitness. However I'm not sure how good their rates are compared to others, although their facility seems nice. I do however like that 24hr fitness because it is open 24hrs. And I'm not sure how great Bally Total Fitness is. But overall what fitness center would you recommend? with regards to rates, facilities and customer service.What fitness center would you recommend?planet fitness if u do not mind them not having a pool.What fitness center would you recommend?I found that you can find out anything and everything you need for diets and workouts online. So nothing else matters but price and equipment.

I go to the Dream Center's Gym. its small has little selection, but has dumbells, bars, treadmills and bikes... for $5 a month!?

id be stupid not to.What fitness center would you recommend?It really depends on what you are looking for. A good gym has a mix of everything from treadmills, cardio machines, free weights, weight machines, group classes, etc. If you are only interested in running on a treadmill, then just find a gym that has a good rate (24hr probably your best bet).

However, if you're looki'ng for a full service gym that offers group classes, personal trainers, juice bar, etc, then you may need to weigh your likes and dislikes of each. Bally's generally has competitive rates with a good facility. LA Fitness sometimes has nicer facilities, but a higher price point as well. 24 Hour has a decent facility, depending on the location, but has a very low entry price.

Other gyms that have more options and nicer facilities are not always big chains. These are great if you want a more private atmosphere and maybe better contact with the staff. The larger chains are going to be very busy during the peak workout hours 5-9 PM and sometimes in the mornings as well (24hr being the busiest).

So, decide if you want a smaller, more private gym, or don't mind having to wait for a machine occasionally. Then decide if you want more or less options. Those are things only you can decide on.What fitness center would you recommend?
Pick a center that's close, has the equipment and classes that you need, is not too crowded at peak hours, and enforces good gym etiquette (like not dropping weights or leaving weights unracked).

Proximity will be a major factor in your ability to stay motivated.

I've had good experiences with LA Fitness, but here again, each club was different. There were some that I loved and some that I avoided like the plague, mainly because of the clientele.

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