Saturday, February 18, 2012

How can I make sure I am prepared for a fitness manager position interview?

i have 10 yaers in the fitness industry,I was a leader once , but that was a long time ago abroad, the british system seems quite different and I``m a bit confused with where should I start from to study, as I`ve got skills and qualification as well as a master but when it comes to the interview it seems that all my skills and qualiffications have nothing to do with thisHow can I make sure I am prepared for a fitness manager position interview?hey you got loads of experience and qualifications, you will be what they are looking for, i would employ you, but remember character is just as important, i am sure you have that too as you have experience of working with peopleHow can I make sure I am prepared for a fitness manager position interview?so get out the job ad, all the materials that were provided, all the materials that you submitted, and a pencil.

Write down, in bullet points, all of the attributes that they say they are looking for (enthusiastic, punctual, intelligent, charming, good team-worker, whatever). Also make sure you spot the "implied" attributes, for example, "exciting growth opportunity in new company" means you're going to be asked how you would feel working in a high risk start-up, so one attribute is that you will need to be up for that.

Now, go through your list. For every attribute, write down why you have that attribute and - this is the important bit - write down some evidence from your own experience that demonstrates your claim.


so you say you are a good team worker; tell us about that

well, when we were doing Project X, A and B couldn't agree so i did XYZ and proj X was a big success

Name no names, hide all details, and make sure every experience is essentially positive.

And do your timeline - you need a reason for every step and some busy activity to fill every gap.

Good luck...How can I make sure I am prepared for a fitness manager position interview?As an operations manager for a health club I'll try and give some advice - even as a fitness manager you need to try and remember that the fitness industry is basically a sales job. You are in the position to have the largest effect on member retention, making it easier for the sales team to grow the membership. You also should be aware of secondary sales, PT, supplements, heart rate monitors etc.

Its important to be knowledgeable about fitness but at the end of the day the company is there to make money and sales is what it all comes down to.

Good luck with the interview.

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