Saturday, February 18, 2012

How do I know how fit I am or what my fitness level is?

I'm going to the gym tonight. There's heaps of machines so if you could tell me which machine would determine my fitness level.

Also, if there are any other ways, let me know!

THANKS.How do I know how fit I am or what my fitness level is?Fitness is a relative term. If you haven't exercised regularly, then you can be sure your fitness level is low. On the other hand, if you have exercised for a while, then you fitness has improved.

A good way to measure your fitness is with a heart rate monitor watch. That way you can keep track of your fitness level.How do I know how fit I am or what my fitness level is?Um, time yourself running two miles. That's pretty much the best way.

Provide a plausible explanation for the difference in fitness of the AA genotype in the different environments?

Humans in parts of central Africa with the AS genotype have higher fitness than neighbors with an AA genotype. Humans living on the fringes of the Sahara desert in Africa with an AA genotype has a higher fitness than neighbors with an AS genotype.Provide a plausible explanation for the difference in fitness of the AA genotype in the different environments?AS - sickle cell trait confers increased resistance to malaria so will confer an advantage in central Africa where there is much malaria and so will have a higher fitness.

AA - normal, will have a higher fitness in those areas, such as Sahara desert, where the prevalence of malaria is very low and so the condition of sickle trait has no advantage.
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  • How effective is Wii Sports Fitness if you're trying to drop A LOT of weight?

    I need to lose 100+ pounds, and I know its going to take a while to accomplish this, but I was wondering how effective would the Wii Sports Fitness program be? Also, what is a good regiment to do on this system?How effective is Wii Sports Fitness if you're trying to drop A LOT of weight?Wii fit will not help you to lose that much weight.

    This has all the answers you're looking for(free advice):

    How much does ladies total fitness cost?

    I'm looking into enrolling at Ladies Total Fitness but their website doesn't have any prices! Is there anyone who is a member that can help me? Please!How much does ladies total fitness cost?Why don't you just go in person or call them.

    eat five times a day

    here is something to start you off with :

    No calorie counting here just try to eat five times a day(about every 3 hours)

    and make sure every meal and snack has these five things:

    Lean protein-like grilled chicken or fish ,egg whites,or nonfat cheese

    Healthy Carbs - like brown rice,Whole-Wheat pasta or Whole Wheat Bread ,or Whole grain cereal

    Fiber-Which you'll get from fruits and veggies and healthy carbs

    Healthy Fats- Which you can find in Olive Oil and fish ,like Salmon

    Here is an Example of FIVE meals on one day



    3/4 cup egg whites

    2/3 cup choped strawberries fresh or frozen

    1/2 rolled oats

    1/2 tsp.sugar substitute cooking oil spray

    1/2 cup of nonfatyogurt

    1/4 cup of Blueberries

    Step 1. Beat the egg whites ,Strawberries ,rolled oats ,and Sugar substitue until smooth

    Step 2. Coat a small nonstick skillet with cooking spray and heat it.ladle 1/4 cup of batter into skillet.cook until batter is set around the edges of the pan(you'll start to see little bubbles),then push it toward the center with a spatula.Cook until batter sets in the center.

    turn the pancake over and cook for 1 min.

    Step 3.Repeat with the remaining batter .Then put the pancakes on a plate and top it with Yogurt and Blueberries.


    Apple Wedges with cinnamon cream :

    Serves 1 :

    1 small apple,cored and cut into wedges

    1/2 tsp.freshly squeezed lemom juice

    1/2 cup nonfat sour cream

    1/3 cup of nonfat cream cheese,softened

    1tsp. ground cinnamon

    1tsp.of sugar or agave syrup

    Remember Small Apple


    Mixed Greens with turkey and Cheese quesadillas

    2oz.(about two slices) of deli-style fat-free turkey or natural turkey with no preservatives

    1 8" Whole -Wheat tortilla

    1/4 cup shredded nonfat mozzarela cheese

    cooking oil spray and Olive oil on the pan

    1 1/2 cups mixed greens

    1/2 cup of your favorite nonfat dressing or italian

    Step 1. Place Turkey slices on one side of the tortilla .Sprinkle with cheese and fold tortilla in half Press tightly to secure filling

    Step.2 Coat a non-stick skillet with cooking spray and heat the skillet.

    Cook the tortilla for one minute on each side or until cheese is melted .Slide the tortilla on to a cutting board .Slice into three or four triangles.Set aside.

    Toss the mixed greens (salad) with the dressing . Place them in the center of the plate Arrange the quesadilla traingles around the plate.Enjoy!


    Chicken and Swiss bites

    serves 1 :

    2 slices of Deli style fat free Chicken breast ,THINLY sliced

    2 ounces nonfat Swiss cheese ,cut into strips

    2 multigrain crackers

    2 tsp.Salsa

    Step 1. Roll the chicken slices around the swiss cheese,and arrange on top of crackers.

    Step 2.Garnish with Salsa!

    ***DINNER ****


    Serves 1:

    3 ounces skinless ,boneless chicken breast ,cut into strips

    2 1/2 cups thinly sliced carrots

    1 1/2 cups snow peas,stems removed

    1 cup bean sprouts cooking oil spray or a little olive oil

    1/2 tbsp. sesame seeds

    1/2 tbsp.garlic powder

    1/4 cup low-sodium Soy sauce

    Step 1 . Coat a wok or pan with cooking spray and some olive oil and heat it.ADD the Chicken strips and stir fry for two minutes .Add the carrots ,snow peas ,bean sprouts,sesame seeds,and garlic powder . Stir Fry for one minute .Add the soy sauce and cook for one minute.

    Step 2. Ladle it into a shallow bowl and garnish it with a few additional sesame seeds .


    Don't Diet Just EAT HEALTHY And make sure it is small portions and eat 5 meals a day.

    Strict dieting will only make you tired and cranky and over eat later !

    Here is a link to this

    it can help you get tips on how to excersice鈥?/a>

    If you are going to be out all the time and not at home cook /prepare your meals to take with you and buy a cooler to keep in your car

    for more recipes go to link below鈥?/a>

    How do I set up my home gym or my home fitness machine?

    I am looking to set up a home gym or 2 to 3 home fitness machines...any recommendations?How do I set up my home gym or my home fitness machine?For my home gym, I consulted with, Kris DeMarco really helped me optimize my personal home fitness retreat and helped me get started in the right direction.How do I set up my home gym or my home fitness machine?What are your goals?

    Type of exercise that increases fitness but results in minimal weight loss?

    I'm a sixteen year old girl, and I want to start exercising just to improve my general physical and mental health. But I'm slightly underweight and I don't want to lose any more weight. I know running and jogging result in massive weight loss. Is there any exercise I can do that will improve my fitness and stamina but won't make me lose that much weight? Please help.Type of exercise that increases fitness but results in minimal weight loss?That is a tough one! If you add any kind of exercise, you are going to burn more calories, so you'll need to eat more! Add carbs (to fuel your body during exercise so you aren't immediately burning fat), and protein (which is calorie dense and will help you maintain your muscle). Just adding a big glass of milk after exercise can help you with this.

    To get your heart and lungs in shape, you don't need to do a ton of exercise. Try 20-30 minutes 2-3 times a week. If that doesn't feel like enough, add some walking (on hills, on a treadmill w/ an incline, or with lunges in between).

    A lot of people don't realize that when you start losing weight -- a lot of what you lose is muscle (after a few initial pounds of water weight, which is no big deal). Muscle loss happens even if you're losing that weight by exercising. So make SURE you add strength training to maintain your muscle. (It will be a lot harder to get back than fat). You can do this without equipment by googling some body weight and core exercises like squats, lunges, pushups, planks, and crunches. (You can even do JUST these kinds of strength exercises, with some jumping jacks, jogging in place, or jumping rope in between sets, and some stretches at the end, and you'll improve your fitness in a really well rounded way. Squats and other leg exercise do a surprisingly great job of getting your heart rate up.).

    Running and jogging do create a very high calorie burn, and also tend to cause you to lose muscle if you do a lot, but they are a great/fast way to get in shape. You can also try anaerobic exercises (very intense exercises you can't maintain for very long, like jump roping or short sprints). These do burn a lot of calories and rev your metabolism (eat!!), but they don't break down fat the same way other exercises do (like the elliptical, jogging). And they WORK your heart and lungs for great fitness and stamina in a faster time.

    Good luck!Type of exercise that increases fitness but results in minimal weight loss?So, if you need a little more information and support to be successful with your weight loss efforts, maybe one of these recommendations will be right for you! Take a moment and check them out today on

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    Type of exercise that increases fitness but results in minimal weight loss?You might be suprised. Running and jogging build up a large amount of muscle in your legs which results is gaining muscle mass. Muscles weigh If you have no fat to burn, you can't lose it. I would do things that build up muscle mass such as weight lifting (low weight, a lot of reps). Also, you could do classes such as yoga, and pliates to strengthen your core. Cardio is an important part of health, so I wouldn't count it out completly.

    Do stretches really help your fitness and health?

    Though I exercise, I have only heard of stretching as a fitness exercise recently, and I'd be interested to know what effects it has on health.Do stretches really help your fitness and health?That is all false, there was a study at UCLA that proved that stretching before exercises did NOT prevent pulls/tears/etc. We gain absolutely no benefit from stretching before exercising.Do stretches really help your fitness and health?
    when i stretch in the mornings and before and after workouts, i feel more refreshed and more relaxed. i don't know how to medically describe the effects of stretching, but i do know that it prevents you from pulling a muscle.Do stretches really help your fitness and health?They completely help. Especially when incorporating deep breathing. Stretching helps strengthen your cardiovascular system by causing blood to be pumped through your body. It also helps combat a lot of problems people face such as stress, fatigue, sore joints/muscles/backs. Get a good stretching/yoga book for beginners or the novice. You will see a big difference in your energy levels and workouts.

    Plus, if done in a peaceful setting, it can be very calming/grounding. Good for clearing the head of the daily stresses.Do stretches really help your fitness and health?
    Yes, it is quite healthy.Do stretches really help your fitness and health?I wouldn't consider stretching an exercise, but I would consider it vital for health. When working out you cause the muscle to strengthen...but also shorten. Muscles are attached to bone and when they shorten they pull on the bone. Stretching after exercise can keep muscles from pulling a bone even an eighth of an inch out of place. If your talking a muscle connected to your vertebra then your talking back pain.
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