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What components of fitness are important in hockey?

"Describe in detail the components of fitness that are important in order to be successful in hockey. Be specific in your analysis of the activity and how each component of fitness would be utilized during participation."

That's one of the questions for my fitness assignment.. im drawing blanks any help would be greatWhat components of fitness are important in hockey?To help you get started

Fast twitch muscle response - Hockey players should train their muscles for fast twitch or explosive movements, this is good for fast movements, quick acceleration and harder shots. Because hockey players are only on the ice for under a minute they should train for quick bursts of speed and power.

Recovery time - Hockey players go hard for about a minute, then take a quick rest on the bench before doing it again. Muscle recovery time is important.

Sport specific movements - Players should train for movements that are specific to their sports.

Core training - training the body's core is important. Core training is important for balance and strength, hockey players are constantly shifting balance so it is very important to train the core (Swiss balls are very good for this)What components of fitness are important in hockey?
Many experts define physical fitness as consisting of five major components:

* Body composition 鈥?a comparison of lean body mass to body fat

* Cardiovascular Fitness 鈥?ability of the circulatory system to supply blood and oxygen to your working muscles during exercise

* Flexibility 鈥?degree or range of motion available

* Muscular Endurance 鈥?ability of muscle groups to sustain movement or maintain position over an extended length of time

* Muscle Strength 鈥?is the amount of force that a muscle can produce

Elite hockey fitness will require all of the components. Hockey requires cardiovascular fitness to allow the player to compete hard for short periods of time during a game. Flexibility is required to allow the player to perform quick movements and changes of direction - and also to absorb punishing body checks. Strength and endurance are also required to be able to handle the physical rigors of the game and to shoot the puck at high velocity.What components of fitness are important in hockey?"As a sport played on metal blades across a low-friction surface, the game demands work from body parts never really meant for the job. While running or jumping sports use muscles meant to produce vertical force, skating requires horizontal exertion from those that provide stability -- the outer quadriceps, the lateral hamstrings and a pair of gluteal muscles called the piriformis and the medias."

An excerpt from an article that touches on the subject.......if you would like to read the whole touches on a few things pertaining to fitness and hockey....most of it in the second half of the article.What components of fitness are important in hockey?
Plyometrics is a big one. Training your muscles to use energy in explosive bursts rather than sustained periods really helps with shooting and hitting.

Squat thrusts are a good weight exercise, as the majority of your muscle use from skating comes from your thighs.

Windsprints are a must, especially for forwards. A lot of hockey is coasting, but when you are skating, you're sprinting.What components of fitness are important in hockey?Skates should fit. Probably shoulder pads and helmut. But for me the most important fit is my extra large jock cup.What components of fitness are important in hockey?
Athletes need to have spatial awareness, good eye - hand coordination and balance as well as a strong core.
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