Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What are the best wii games for fitness?

I will be getting wii fit for the board. I have thought the biggest loser might be good, or maybe the ea personal trainer game. What are the good and bad things about these games? Are there other good wii fitness games? Thanks for any input!What are the best wii games for fitness?some of the higher rating games are EA Sports Active and Your Shape by Jenny McCarthy,What are the best wii games for fitness?You will never get an actual workout from these games, that would be silly to believe. However if you aren't at a level where you can do "actual" workouts, then I would say the wii boxing is the best, it requires the most movement.

But nothing is better than actual exercising. The games just get you tired, more or less. I suppose if you played for hours on end you may burn enough calories to work of a pretzel stick you had earlier. Seriously, as boring as it may seem, walking or jogging outside would be far more beneficial.What are the best wii games for fitness?If by fitness you mean actually working out, turn off your Wii instead of straining your body with "exercise" games.

If you meant just fun games, Wii Fit and Wii Fit 2 are nice.What are the best wii games for fitness?
Wii fit is not bad with funny!
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