Sunday, February 12, 2012

How to improve both Fitness and BBall skills at same time?

I am currently doing bodyweight training, and i was wondering how i would go about using basketball training/Practice to work on my cardio/fitness. I'm not talking about actually playing, just some training exercises that i can do alone that will improve both my bball skills and fitness.How to improve both Fitness and BBall skills at same time?Here are three things that I did growing up to improve my BB skills as well as my fitness while doing the drills....

1. Jumping over a yardstick suspended by two orange parking cones. Jump back and forth over the yardstick. Do it for one minute at a time. Will help your aerobics, but also will increase your vertical jump.

2. Dribble basketball length of court in between chairs set up at specific intervals. Pretend the chairs are individuals you are trying to keep the basketball away from. Good aerobic activity and also helps improve your basketball dribbling abilities as well.

3. George Mikan drill. Hookshot layups over and over again underneath the basket for one minute at a time or until you are absolutely tired.

After each of these drills my old basketball coach would make me shoot 10 free throws. If I made 10 then he would knock a certain percentage off each drill. If I made 9, a different percentage. If I made less than 9, then I would continue at the same rate.

Nevertheless, I became a great jumper, rebounder, dribbler (for a big guy, 6'5") and free throw shooter

Earned a college basketball scholarship, which helped put me through college without my parents paying an arm and a leg.How to improve both Fitness and BBall skills at same time?Basketball exercises, like go to a football field nearby.

Do high knee run, kick you butt running,frankenstein like kick your leg up to your arms reached out, jogg then run then sprint for 40 yards, gain explosive movement by running then every 10 yards do like a quick move right and then left, kinda like a cross over or a football juke.....

Get your body fat down and you will gain speed and quickness.How to improve both Fitness and BBall skills at same time?Work on your coordination skills for bball for a set time each day.. whatever you need more help with. Then, improve your core strength and stamina separately by lifting, running or doing sit-ups and planks (or a combination of them). If you are lifting, you are best off working muscles ever other day, giving them a day's rest. You can work on bball in the day off.

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