Wednesday, February 8, 2012

How do I cancel my Fitness USA membership?

I joined the Fitness USA in the Stonestown Mall location in San Francisco, California and I would like to cancel my membership! Except they are not letting me cancel at the gym location and they are charging me by the month. They are making it very difficult for me to quit. Help?How do I cancel my Fitness USA membership?Hello. This is in regard to canceling your Fitness USA membership.

I just canceled mine last week and it’s a bit of a pain but very doable.

1.) Go to the Fitness USA center and tell them you want to cancel. They will give you a form (which is pretty much blank) which a bunch of carbon copies.

2.) Fill out this form with your information (Membership ID number, date enrolled, name, address, etc.).

3.) On the lines, state that you want to cancel your membership. On my sheet, I wrote something along the lines of “As instructed by your Jonathan Barcias, your Stonestown branch’s manager, I am sending these forms to you.” State that you want to cancel and you would like a confirmation via mail.

4.) Look at your contract (if you still have it. I lost mine) because our contracts may have been different; but I sent the forms to the corporate office ALONG with your membership ID (the orange one). Make a copy of your membership ID just in case ‘they lose it’. Keep the blue form as your copy.

5.) Mail the form and it’s copies except the blue one %26amp; your membership ID to their corporate office. Their address is on the back of your membership ID (Executive Offices: 7091 Orchard Lake Rd., #300. West Bloomfield MI 48322-3666).

6.) Wait for a response. It took me a week for a response. And you are done.

Now if you are reading this, you probably have already signed up for Fitness USA and you are looking to cancel. But if you have not yet and are wondering if you should join this gym, I would highly go against it. They make you jump through many hoops to cancel (you can’t just cancel at the gym itself, you have to do everything yourself, and you can’t do it online). The gym facility is just mediocre, there are hidden fees (for example there is a ‘quarterly membership fee’ on top of your regular fee where you pay an extra $9 bucks four times a year. lol.) They also make you sign a contract which means you have to go through all these hoops to cancel (you can’t just stop paying because they will keep charging you).

They also like to double-talk you into things. For example, they tried to talk me into their Executive level membership which says that if you come in three times a week for an X amount of weeks, then you will get a reduced fee. They don’t tell you that the contract is for an X amount of years (I think it’s three years but I’m not sure).

When I walked in to cancel and told the manager, Jonathan Barcias that I wanted to cancel, his co-workers bullied, coerced, and pressured me not to cancel my membership. I assume you have better things to do than deal with this mickey mouse bullsh*t, so talk to the manager (Jon Barcias) directly and he is a bit better 1 on 1.

In retrospect, I would not have joined this gym. Stay away! And if you have already joined and want to cancel, it is very doable and quite easy.

Good luck to you!

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