Sunday, February 5, 2012

What to do with a BS in Health and Fitness Management?

What are a few jobs I could get into with a Bachelor of Science in Health and Fitness Management?

With or without further schooling, please add if further schooling is required though. What pay rate could I aspect to receive?

Thank you!What to do with a BS in Health and Fitness Management?You can become a fitness director, health club administrator, parks and recreation director, personal trainer, corporate fitness supervisor, group exercise instructor, and other health and fitness related positions. You will develop the skills needed to work in private and public health facilities and for large companies that offer fitness and wellness programs to their employees, as well as for parks and recreation departments, sports programs, and other similar programs. A fitness club manager makes roughly $31- $61,000 a year. That includes salary, bonus, profit sharing, and commission. Usually further schooling is not necessary but the higher your major the more opportunities lay in front of you and increased salary. Hope this helps.What to do with a BS in Health and Fitness Management?I hate to tell you, but not much! I asked the same question about a week ago and honestly there just isn't much you can do with it. I wish there was bc I wanted to major in that. After ALOT of searching and studying this major and asking questions, it honestly just didn't have the potential that i thought it was going to. I dunno about you but I don't want to go to school for something that I'll never find a job in.

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