Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What is the best console fitness game?

I have a wii and an xbox 250gb slim with the kinect, what is the best fitness game out of these two consoles?What is the best console fitness game?I would definitely say Wii fit plus, not only has it all the things from Wii fit on it but it has got some really funny games on it, especially the one where you have to flap your arms like a bird and the obstacle course one.All the games on there are fun but also very good exercise.There are lots of games out there that are purely based on exercise so Wii fit plus in my opinion has both good fun and keeps you fit.What is the best console fitness game?the zuma game seems to really popular on the Wii and xbox 360What is the best console fitness game?Go for a jog! Its free :D
  • kauffman tire
  • sea ray
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