Sunday, February 5, 2012

Need help to find a good fitness equipment?

I'm 23 yrs old and weighs 62.My daughter is 11months old. Now I'm planning to buy a fitness equipment to reduce my weight.I want to tone and get shape.So can you suggest me a fitness equipment which would give full body work out.

I came through some equipments which are kind of 4 in 1 or 6 in 1.Are those things are good to use.Need help to find a good fitness equipment?When I was looking into this a few years back, a frined of mine who works in the fitness industry recommended a cross trainer (also called an eliptical). She advised the following:

1) Treadmill: Mostly it is the machine doing the work whereas the crosstrainer is moved soley my how fast you move your arms and or legs.

2) Cross trainer can be used with legs moving either forwards or backwards which use different muscle groups.

3) You can also move the cross trainer soley with your arms whereas a treamill does not work your arms (and neither will an exercise bike). So you will effectively be moving 62kg's with your arms which will use loads of energy and build muscle.

4) There are a lot of inbuilt programmes in the cross trainer that you can utilise to build strength and fitness.

5) Add to this some free weights and other exercises for core strength and you'll be looking good in no time!!!Need help to find a good fitness equipment?my dietician swears by a mini tramp. and she suggest reboundair because of better springs.

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