Sunday, February 12, 2012

How can i improve my speed but also my aerobic fitness?

Ive just came from a injury and ive got back to full fitness, but i want to improve even more in my anerobic and aerobic fitness.How can i improve my speed but also my aerobic fitness?your anerobic corresponds to your vo2 max. you can increase this by doing high intensity work like sprinting.

start sprinting 100m, then increase it to 400 and then 1600m. sprint the whole distance, and try to finish the 1600m in 5-6 minutes. this does both to a degree.

aerobic is completely different, and running or jogging slowly for 5-10k will create slow twitch fibres and make you slower. try swimming to increase your aerobic fitness. a slow or medium rate is good, and you can try swimming on your back for long distances.

in the end you can only choose one. being able to sprint 100m in 10-16 seconds, or run for 10k-42k with no rest. (marathoners who can run 21k in 1hr, have very slow 100m times, and they can't accelerate, not even as fast as a normal person. )

if you want to run 10k in 30 minutes, try running 10k as fast as you can.

if you want to sprint very fast, and get up to a high speed fast, try 100m sprints.

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