Sunday, February 5, 2012

How are the tanning beds at Planet Fitness?

I'm considering getting the Planet Fitness Blackcard to save money and combine the gym with tanning. I've never been tanning at Planet before, so I'm wondering how it compares to a normal tanning salon.

Note: I am NOT interested in your personal views on tanning. If you do not intend to answer my specific question about Planet Fitness, please don't bother commenting.How are the tanning beds at Planet Fitness?I have a Blackcard at Planet Fitness also, and personally, I'd get a tanning membership elsewhere. I went one time and made me realllllly itchy and they weren't the best beds. But I mean if you want to save money, they I guess that'd be the thing to do and beds at your gym might be different than the ones at mine. Just use lotion afterwards to keep your skin from drying out so much.

Best of luck!

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