Monday, January 23, 2012

Why do Republicans think that hollywood represents all Liberals?

Since when is hollywood actors a Representative of all liberals

why do republicans think hollywood represents the Democratic party?

Thanks in advanceWhy do Republicans think that hollywood represents all Liberals?We don't think that. Hollywood liberals are very loud about it though.Why do Republicans think that hollywood represents all Liberals?
I do think this. I will tell you why...

I live in an area that is infested with libbies. Some are the poor ones that feel entitled, some are the yuppy ones that think that it makes them look better, some are the ignorant college students and most are the ones that only care about their image so they do their best to fit in.

Every single talking point that comes from a liberal is used in movies, heard on the View and on Air America.

Liberals all think the same, talk the same and act the same. Whether or not they all watch the movies and listen to drugged-out rock stars is irrelevant, but for some reason they all have the same Groupthink that originates from Hollywood.Why do Republicans think that hollywood represents all Liberals?It is a strange syndrome of theirs, isn't it? By Allah, Ronnie Reagan was a Hollywood actor! Oh well, if Limbaugh makes it a talking point, it's all they know how to say.

In reality, I think it has to do with the fact that Jews are highly prominent in Hollywood, and we all know that there's nothing left of the Republican party except insane Christian religious fanatics who hate "Jesus killers".
Probably because there is only like 3 hollywood actors that claim to be conservative. And look how many celebrities get on TV and run their big liberal mouths. Like somehow being an actor/actress makes them political genius's. They end up making ***'s of themselves anyways.

Who gives a rats *** if Reagan was a hollywood nut. You think all conservatives worship Reagan and Rush?Why do Republicans think that hollywood represents all Liberals?Hello ,

A lot of Hollywood movies are build about the same . All they ever act about is scenes of people under pressure , people being raped and kidnapped , violence . The movie hardly make any sence at all to me . The movies almost never show the consequences of the crime(s) that are committed . In the good old days the criminal would be seen taken away and served Justice . I just do not get the movies these days ... I must not be a Liberal .Why do Republicans think that hollywood represents all Liberals?
Not all Republicans do. But the vast majority of the hollywood elite seem to support a bit more of the democratic party. Why ? I have no idea But you can take Danny Glover is one example of coming out in favor of Hugo Chavez.
sorry to tell you that if you think all Republicans think Hollywood represents all liberals you are scary wrong

one other thing you need to understand which you obviously don't, is that liberals and Democrats are not necessarily the same thingWhy do Republicans think that hollywood represents all Liberals?
Hollywood is full of 90% rich Democrats. who what do you know all vote Democrat (look at past elections and see what actors have supported which candidate, with the exception of Chuck Norris, I think you would find they vote democrat )
Because Hollywood seems at times to be overrun by liberal activist celebrities.

Though yes, I know that Jon Voight is a conservative (to name one).
Most of hollywood is liberal,…
The only way a conservative works in Hollywood is if he produces his own movie,

FYI Howard - Ronald Reagan was a Democrat until 1962
While I don't know, I would think that there are more conservatives because if there is any change(which liberals believe in), it would be for them to spread more of their wealth around.
repubs hate social liberalism (90% of hollywood)

Also, the rich are republicans 90% of the time.
A majority does.
The works of fiction = Liberalism in their eyes.
bitter people with an inferiority complex
why do you think ALL republicans think that???
Will if the shoe fits...
I didn't know that they did.
It's all the high profile Libs who make it seem that way, not to mention all the movies that have a "Save us from ourselves" theme, like Avatar.

Ben Affleck

Woody Allen

Edward Asner

David Axelrod

William Ayers

Alec Baldwin

Warren Beatty

Joy Behar

Harry Belafonte

Joe Biden

Bon Jovi

Steven Breyer

Jimmy Buffet

Warren Buffett

Ron Burkle

Steve Capus

Jimmy Carter

James Carville


Chevy Chase

Margaret Cho

Noam Chomsky

Ramsey Clark

Eleanor Clift

Bill Clinton

Hillary Clinton

George Clooney

Ben Cohen

Katie Couric

Walter Cronkite

Matt Damon

Larry David

Ward Churchill

Howard Dean

Leonardo DiCaprio

P. Diddy

The Dixie Chicks

Sam Donaldson

Maureen Dowd

Richard Dreyfus

Ebert and Roeper

John Edwards

Rahm Emanuel

Jane Fonda

Mike Farrell

Larry Flynt

Al Franken

Kim Gandy

Janeane Garofalo

Richard Gere

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Al Gore

Danny Glover

Whoopi Goldberg

Kathy Griffen

Woody Harrelson

Arianna Huffington

Jeff Immelt

Edward Kennedy

Robert Kennedy Jr.

John Kerry

Paul Krugman

Jessica Lange

David Letterman

Spike Lee

Peter B. Lewis

Bill Maher


Chris Matthews

Dave Matthews Band

Aaron McGruder

Cynthia McKinney

John Mellencamp


Michael Moore

Viggo Mortensen

Bill Moyers

Michael Newdow

Barack Obama

Rosie O'Donnell

Keith Olbermann

Pearl Jam

Nancy Pelosi

Sean Penn

David Plouffe

Dan Rather

Robert Redford

Harry Reid

Rob Reiner


Frank Rich

Tim Robbins

Anthony Romero

Linda Ronstadt

Susan Sarandon

Al Sharpton

Cindy Sheehan

Martin Sheen

Russell Simmons

George Soros

David Souter

Steven Spielberg

Jerry Springer

Bruce Springsteen

George Stephanopoulos

Howard Stern

Jon Stewart

Barbra Streisand

Oliver Stone

John Sykes

James Taylor

Ted Turner

The View

Jann Wenner

Kanye West

Robin Williams

Joe Wilson %26amp; Valerie Plame

Oprah Winfrey

Jeff Zucker

The Dishonerable Mention List

Paula Abdul

J. J. Abrams

Christina Aguilera

Jessica Alba

Chris Albrecht

Alan Alda

Art Alexakis

Jason Alexander

Tatyana Ali

The Allman Bothers

Robert Altman

Allison Anders

Gillian Anderson

Maya Angelou

Jennifer Aniston

Paul Anka


Christina Applegate

Rosanna Arquette

Ashford %26amp; Simpson

Sean Astin

Burt Bacharach

Kevin Bacon

Bad Religon

Joan Baez

William Baldwin

Eric Balfour

Antonio Banderas

Penn Badgley

Elizabeth Banks

Tyra Banks

Roseanne Barr

Drew Barrymore

Kim Basinger

Lance Bass

Ed Begley Jr.

Shari Belafonte

Tony Bennett

Candice Bergen

Alan Bergman

Marilyn Bergman

Sandra Bernhard

Halle Berry

Jolene Blaylock

Orlando Bloom

Beastie Boys

Peter Boyle

Maria Bello

Richard Belzer

Lawrence Bender

Annette Bening

Peter Berg

Jessica Biel

Jason Biggs

Stephen Bing

Thora Birch

Linda Blair

Jack Black

The Black Eyed Peas

Mary J. Blige

Blink 182

Michael Bolton

Zach Braff

Toni Braxton

Amy Brenneman

David Brenner

Jeff Bridges

Christie Brinkley

Matthew Broderick

Adam Brody

James Brolin

Josh Brolin

Tom Brokaw

Mel Brooks

Pierce Brosnan

Chris Brown

Jackson Browne

Ken Burns

Steve Buscemi

Sophia Bush

Nicholas Cage

Nick Cannon

Kate Capshaw

George Carlin

Lynda Carter

Michael Chabon

Don Cheadle

Deepak Chopra

Eric Clapton

Wesley Clark

Jill Clayburg

John Cleese

David Clennon

Glenn Close

Gregory Colbert


Natalie Cole

Chris Columbus

Elvis Costello

Kevin Costner

Courtney Cox

Peter Coyote


Cindy Crawford

Robert Cray

James Cromwell

David Crosby

Crosby, Stills and Nash

David Cross

Sheryl Crow

Penelope Cruz

Billy Crystal

Mark Cuban

Alan Cumming

John Cusack

Jamie Lee Curtis

Clare Daines

Tim Daly

Blythe Danner

Ted Danson

Dave Matthews Band

Kristen Davis

Ossie Davis

Rosario Dawson

Death Cab for Cutie

Mos Def

Ellen DeGeneres

Dana Delaney

Kate Del Castillo

Benicio Del Toro

Robert DeNiro

James Denton

Brian Depalma

Johnny Depp (no longer a boycott)

Laura Dern

Zooey Deschanel

Donny Deutsch

Danny Devito

Neil Diamond

Taye Diggs

Ani DiFranco

Vincent D'Onofrio

Phil Donahue

The Donnas

Richard Donner

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Illeana Douglas

Michael Douglas

Polly Draper

Julia Louis Dreyfuss

Olympia Dukakis

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Bob Dylan

The Eagles

Megalyn Echikunwoke

Kenny 'Babyface' Edmonds

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David Eigenberg

Hector Elizondo

Cary Elwes

Melissa Etheridge


Edie Falco

Fall Out Boys

Perry Farrell


Will Ferrell

America Ferrera

Sally Field

50 Cent

Foo Fighters


Francis Fisher

Melissa Fitzgerald

Sean Patrick Flanery

Calista Flockhart

John Fogerty

Harrison Ford

Tom Ford

David Foster

Jodie Foster

Michael J Fox


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