Monday, January 23, 2012

What is a good place to rock climb near Hollywood Los Angeles?

Is there any mountains that are good for rock climbing near Hollywood? No gyms. Real boulders.What is a good place to rock climb near Hollywood Los Angeles?Go to Stoney Point, near where Topanga Canyon Blvd exits south from the Ronald Reagan Fwy, or I-118. And there's many more boulders in the vincity if you like bouldering . Climbing for all levels, rock quality is fairly decent and stable. This is probably the best place closest to Hollywood.

There are many more elsewhere, but they're further away. Unfortunately, there is very little good rock in the LA basin, so one generally has to go up into the mountains or the high desert to find good granite or sandstone, like Joshua Tree or New Jack City. Williamson Rock near the Angeles Crest Highway has been a popular spot for excellent high mountain granite, but it's now closed for environmental reasons. Santa Barbara has many good places to climb in the mountains directly behind the city.

If you want the classic Sierra-like high mountain granite experience, go to Tahquitz %26amp; Suicide Rock near Idylwild, near Mt San Jacinto. See link. This is the best anywhere in Southern California. Don't go there unless you're an experienced climber or with somebody who is.What is a good place to rock climb near Hollywood Los Angeles?south of you I have climbed Joshua tree, black mountain (bouldering) and Taquitz (I know I spelled it wrong).

I think you can still take the tram up from Palm Springs and boulder untill you're hands fall off! Man do I love that granite.

The corall (black mountains) is another spot to look into. I have bouldered there, almost ten years ago, and it was great! We did not see another soul.....anywhere up there! There were problems for any range under an awesome canopy of conifers. It was 65degrees up there and over 100degrees down in the desert.What is a good place to rock climb near Hollywood Los Angeles?The suggested places are good, but closer to you, if you take a look around there are quite a few rock outcrops, most of it is bouldering but there are routes as well if you keep looking around. The rock is generally old granites and sedimentary, conglomerates and all. Some of the rocks near the beaches are really nice, Corona Del Mar comes to mind but there are plenty of others.

So, keep your eye out as you travel around the neighborhood. I grew up in Altadena and climbed the canyons up there, plenty of bouldering and some face climbing but the stuff is rotten on the cliffs so you can lose you footholds as you push off to the next move. The bottoms had plenty of more solid stuff from getting scoured by the creeks.

Anyway, there's a lot of short stuff around worth working on and it's much closer so you get there more often, that's a good thing.
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