Monday, January 23, 2012

Is there a different standard of right and wrong for "Hollywood"?

I'm hearing about a Roman Polanski and this 13 year old and that 100 of Hollywood's elite have signed a petition trying to get people to drop the charges. They are saying things like "oh, it was so long ago".

Now, I hear about Letterman and his affairs.

In the past, we have had celebrities get away with murder, affairs, drugs, crimes, etc.

Where does it all end? Do the famous just get away with everything?

What examples can you bring fourth about celebrities who are held to a different standard than the rest of us?Is there a different standard of right and wrong for "Hollywood"?It is funny that you bring that up since Hollywood elected our current President, and well, you know that story.

Or the adulation that people still have for Micheal Jackson when there is a strong possibility that he was a pedophile.

Or John Edwards. He really thought he was going to get away with the whole paternity/DNA test by paying the Doctor off because so many before have.

And someone already said Ted Kennedy but that one just jars my a55 because he never was held accountable for that young girls death in the Chappaquiddick.

Of course I could go on now that I am on to politicians but I won't. It is depressing.Is there a different standard of right and wrong for "Hollywood"?Letterman had sex with co-workers before he was married

None of these women claimed sexual harassment

Roman Polanski had sex with an 13 year old.

What I understand, is that he agree with one thing, and they were going to do another. So he ran

My problem is that Polanski could of been pick up anytime, he went around the world for films. Why did it take 30 years to arrest him?

Having sex with co-workers that they both agree to, should not be compare to rape of a minor or murder or any crimes

David Letterman did not do anything against the law, as far as we know

If anything David Letterman sex with women came out because who he was. If he was not on TV, would someone try to blackmail him?

It works both ways

Look at John travolta, how people tried to blackmail him when his son died

Famous people seem to get away with more

Famous people also get blackmail more for things that are not crimesIs there a different standard of right and wrong for "Hollywood"?Polanski is an interesting case because the judge, prosecutor, Defense and victim's attorney all agreed to his sentence and after Polanski served the agreed on time in jail, the judge changed his mind because he was running for re-election and wanted to increase the time served regardless of the agreement.

Money helps more that fame to get people off easy or without penalty for crimes. I have seen just as many wealthy and "connected" people suffer no consequences as those rare examples of famous people that you mention. For example, the police chief's kid in the city where I grew up got away with a lot of illegal stuff and laughed about it. He was a scummy guy and I went to school with him.Is there a different standard of right and wrong for "Hollywood"?
my opinion for what's it's worth...."is there a different standard of right and wrong" for "americans" who defend this and continue to acknowledge that hollywood is still there ??? as with the state of apathy of politics of the uninformed and uneducated voters, so goes the apathy towards the left coast. until americans wake up and demand more accountability via their wallets and votes, sadly the difference between right and wrong will continue to be dictated by the american people !!!!
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