Saturday, January 14, 2012

How would you describe the Hollywood Lifestyle?

Actors tend to live a unique lifestyle, something I would call the Hollywood Lifestyle. How would you describe their lives? Do you think it has an affect on actors' health? why or why not?How would you describe the Hollywood Lifestyle?I would say it is awesome to have lots of money and a nice house. Not even counting hot model girlfriends who only want your money but you don't care because you got a hot girlfriend. My friends are so jealous.How would you describe the Hollywood Lifestyle?overprivelaged/overglamified.

With all the publicity comes alot of problems. Things that are normal to us such as going out for a drink with the girls and stumbling out of the bar to your designated driver is perceived as having a drinking problem.. When realy everyone else does it all the time. It also brings alot of pressure to be perfect. I believe Nichole Richie and other bulemic anorexic sick celebs wouldnt do the things they do to stay skinny if there werent so much criticizm. Sad realy. IM not rich but wouldnt trade my mildly glamourous life for a life of fame for anything =)How would you describe the Hollywood Lifestyle?From where i stand their lives seem so artificial and fake. All about image, appearance and reputation. Living in a slum would be more interesting.

I think it would affect them in the way that they cannot really be or act themselves. The stress would be immense from this point of view.

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